Pre-race Information – Virtual Bike Race for Polio Plus

Dear Rotarian friends, dear team members, dear friends

the final arrangements and dates for the virtual bike race on 1 May have been made!

We will be pedaling together for PolioPlus at the following virtual race on

“Skoda Velotour E-Race”

Start: 05/01/2020 12:00 a.m. (UTC)

Registration Link:

Further information about the event can be obtained from the organizer:

Important: A maximum of 1000 participants can start in the virtual race!

So please register today!

A day prior to the race you should download the video file of the race from Rouvy (7.2 GB) and

you should also have tested your race setup.

In the sense of a virtual, Rotarian corporate identity, all Rotarian riders are pleased adhere to

the following agreement:

  • Please change your individual Rouvy username to your full first and last name together with

the abbreviation RCT at the end (e.g. MoritzDickRCT).

  • Your user picture should at best be the Rotarian logo.
  • You should also enter the “Rotary Cycling Team” as your virtual cycling club in the user settings.

In this race we are all members of the “Rotary Cycling Team”!

Only then it will be possible to be recognized as a Rotarian in the race by your user name/picture and so you can find each other and virtually ride together.

Later on we will only create our Rotarian result list if you are listed as a member of the “Rotary

Cycling Team”.

Parallel to the official race registration at you are also asked to register as a starter

with us personally!

Please send an email to:

The following information is required: First and last name, year of birth, name of the Rotary Club

with district. Optionally you can also send us your photo portrait and one of your racing setup.

On the evening before the race we will hold a joint video conference as a “race briefing”! This video conference will take place on

Topic: Racebriefing Skoda Velotour E-Race

Time: 04/30/2020 06.00 p.m. (UTC)

Join the zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 743 9662 8127

Password: 6U4NNW


Here you will get the lastest tips and tricks for the virtual race and we try to answer all your

questions. So please register yourself at as well.

The Hessischer Rundfunk will broadcast live on TV about the ERace. See the following broadcasting times:–


Finally and once again the appeal to you personally to make a DONATION to our project!

Please click on Donation.

We are looking forward seeing you on the race-course!


Moritz Dick & Dr Michael Hanke

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